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Hyperbaric Oxygen - The Side effects

Oxygen is a drug, and as such there are associated side effects. Fortunately, though, there are only a few and they tend not to be a problem in the long term.

Occasionally mild blurring of vision can result from multiple treatments, though this is temporary. If present, it reverts within a week.

Some patients may feel lightheaded for a few minutes after the treatment is completed. This is quite common with high amounts of oxygen and will subside after a few minutes.

You may feel some tingling or slight ache in the area of the injury or infection. This is also temporary, and often a sign of healing.

Some patients find hyperbaric treatment quite tiring, so it is a good idea to take it easy during your treatment course.

Near the end of a long course of treatment, or a long single treatment for divers, it is possible to develop a 'dry cough.' This is associated with breathing high concentrations of oxygen under pressure. It can be uncomfortable for a few hours. Oral fluids help to reduce the discomfort.



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