NHS treatment of decompression sickness symptoms, 24 hour advice line 07770 423637

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NHS treatment, decompression sickness symptoms, Poole and Reading


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For emergency referrals or advice, contact us on our 24 hour paging service. An announcement confirms you have reached the hyperbaric facility before transferring to an operator who instantly relays your message to on-call staff.

24 hour pager :

07770 - 4 - 23637

07770 - 4 - BENDS

Non-emergency referrals may be made either in writing using the form below, writing to us or telephone if the case is urgent. Opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

7 Parkstone Road,


Dorset BH15 2NN

Telephone: (01202) 678278

Facsimile: (01202) 678478

Alternatively, for non-urgent referrals the form below can be used.  Please note, this form is not secure and is intended to be used as an initial enquiry only. No confidential information should be included. Once submitted, we will contact you for further details.

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